Sell / Design for ZZA

        With clean photo's description of inventory and your asking price. We are looking to support artists with our international audience by providing a platform to sell from. This is useful for exposure. We currently don't hold any inventory and ask for you to ship products to our customers. We team with a custom print shop so graphics and prints can be massed produced easily especially for clothing. If you have an inventory we Dm for updates till the inventory is depleted and needs replenished.

       We encourage you to make a new design each month submitted by the 15th to be included in our monthly magazine / hot box subscription. We are selective and display similar products next to each other to fit different personality types. Writers are encouraged to submit posts as well to be featured on the page and we ask you to monetize posts to products in the store. We will advertise for you. 

       Once we turn into an LLC we will give you a deck of Ziggy (ZZA) Thank You  cards to put in packaging, custom ZZA packaging tape, and swag. We will consider holding partial store inventory expanding the store. We also will develop stocks furthering the brand and reach.  

        Musicians should send their audio in .zip with merch with links to social streams to be featured on the store. Must include description and cover visual. Producers should .zip midi samples. We are looking to build an SFX library to put your records on display.

If you are interested in becoming a part of the ZZA team please provide your PayPal to transfer funds on sales. 


Keeping it real, -ESN